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January 6, 2013
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SC || Sakuraba, Tsubasa (Historian) by LILI-exec SC || Sakuraba, Tsubasa (Historian) by LILI-exec

Bullet; Pink N A M E :
Sakuraba Tsubasa (桜庭 翼)
(Sakuraba is his last name and should be used when addressing formally.
Peachy or Ichigo are nicknames given by his family.
He is also called Saku-[honorifichere], short for Sakuraba)

Bullet; Pink A G E / B I R T H D A Y / H E I G H T : ((will need to calc weight))
18 Years Old // April 1st // 5'10 ft

Bullet; Pink G E N D E R / Y E A R :
Male // Third-Year Student

Bullet; Pink D I V I S I O N : >> C H A S E R
He wears cyan and blue, bulky headphones with a wide visor that are linked to his phone wirelessly via a small blue emitter connected in the headphones port, as shown in the picture.
The phone itself is a sort of a remote to help Tsubasa activate/contact his powers specifically, while the headphone and visor serve to reinforce said abilities and generate the map like a sound/energy radar.  Because the map is on the visor, it's literally in his face and he has to be verbal in directing his fellow fighters.  

His ability as a chaser is based on psychological effects of music, and their physical effects.

HP: 110 (+10 SE)
SP: 150

[Attack One] Name:  Red Lambda (40 SE)
    It gives all allies a slightly glowing aura, and makes attacks and movement faster than the normal speed for one turn.
    On a more commentary note, while Tsubasa gets a little more tired, the speed is worth the effort--as long as he's not on the verge of collapsing.
(All allies have a 50% chance of dodging enemy attack for three rounds.)

(If HP becomes less than 30, this move is sealed.)

[Attack Two] Name:  Franssen Paradox (30 SE)

    Tsubasa interferes with a target's senses for a moment by recreating a strong sound illusion directly, called the Franssen Effect.  An ally can easily attack the inflicted target, like a kid can hit a pinata without the blindfold. 
(Allows critical damage on selected target ONCE in a turn.)

[Attack Three] Name:  Stereo Pulse (20 SE)

A friendly-fire area attack--it is as simple as it is.  Tsubasa's element motif doesn't allow him to concentrate the attack, so naturally, like sound, it spreads in all directions.
(1/3 of used SE becomes damage to all enemies. If the damage is not a whole number, the number should be rounded down.)

[Special Ability] Name:  Ursula's Contract (50 SE) (3 maximum uses for each day.)

A pang of energy emits from Tsubasa's headgear, healing his allies greatly and gives the mind a sense of air that boosts confidence and faith.  The ability heals 50% of his allies' total HP, but at the cost of such ridiculous amount of health healed, his headgear goes into cooldown, and Tsubasa himself gets a headache due to the amount of energy used--rendering him unable to take action for one turn.  On the third use, the ability backfires heavily by sapping half of whatever amount of health he has left, and the ability is disabled until he rested for a night.
On a more commentary note from Tsubasa, he hates using this ability as it is risky by the second use.

(Heal by 50% of maximum HP to ALL ALLIES, including Tsubasa.)

(Each use costs him to rest for one turn.)
(The third use will NOT heal Tsubasa (still heal his allies) and backfires by taking half of his remaining HP.  Third use will also seal the ability completely until rested: no exceptions.  He must also rest, leaving him vulnerable.)
(Usage will stack even in different battles for a day.)
(1.5% Damage Boost Default)

Bullet; Pink C L U B / S P O R T :
Music Club
Newspaper Club (Apparently President--it's news to him, too...)

Bullet; Pink S T U D E N T  C O U N C I L  P O S I T I O N :
The council's Historian

Bullet; Pink P E R S O N A L I T Y :
Sassy | Expressive | Reckless(depends) | Shameless(to an extent) | Brave | Laid-back | Adamant | Unbiased

Gained since staying at Star Crown:
Peaceful | Protective
    Despite being part of the Student Council of Star Crown High, he's actually a little laid-back about some of the rules, and has a slight disregard of them himself--unless if there's a very important reason to be holding even the 'no running in the hallway' rule, he really doesn't care.  As long as you're not doing something extreme, that is, he'll let it slide.
    He's also a sassy fellow, and is expressive about his feelings--and he won't be so easily swayed to support anyone and likes to sail at his own pace, so of course, it's easy for him to be in conflict easily. 

    Though, since his stay at the island, his personality grew more tame as time passes as he spends time with the other students.  It's a far cry from what he deals with at home in a bustling street; and since then he's become less aggressive than usual, and perhaps even more enlightened.  He's also learned a bit about love in general, as well.
     More recent events such as the disclosure of the advanced Remnants has also made him very, very protective--he's experienced it with another fellow council member and a handful of students.  Because of this, he's gained a sense of need to protect others.

Bullet; Pink L I K E S / D I S L I K E S :
Bullet; Green Music, surprises, spicy food, exotic food, events, spicy chocolate, //those kinds of magizines//, singing, his nice white guitar, and someone special nudgenudgewink
Bullet; Red Cliched things, when bad things happen, workload, stingy rules, pretzels (still), bitterness, sleeping and not sleeping--and his own obsession over details

Bullet; Pink B I O G R A P H Y :
    Tsubasa was raised in Kyoto, Japan, in the streets where music would be played by musicians performing for money, with his family. His father was a business man who promoted merchandise, while his mother was a usual at-home wife, occasionally doing freelance work from time to time.
    Since young age he has been inspired by soloists who played on the streets. He loved listening to one instrument, because of the clear sound it brought more than groups did. Groups were nice and all, but the most notable instrument was the guitar--it was a strange sound, unlike most instruments played on the streets, which were violins, flutes, or the sound of feet tapping the concrete streets. Thus formed his dream to pursue the music arts, and since then he studied (somewhat enough) to make his dream a reality, while being a performing musician himself to fund his needs with his guitar he has played for more than 4 years.
    Around the age of 15, Tsubasa's father had recently came back from a business trip in Asteri Island, and brought a 'souvenir' along---a silver touch phone with a crown button. At first, he was very delighted to have such a slick, snazzy phone, but found it pointless since he often used it for looking around in the dark or just called his family, due to his attitude repelling (or resisting) many people's intentions to go near him.
    Years passed and now he's 16. Over the midst of spring break, usage of his phone neither increased or decreased. Once the time came around, he would be in his third year of high school and his entire family couldn't have been more excited than they already were---their son would become a musician, making beautiful music, in only a matter of time. Then came the email from Star Crown---their son was to be enrolled into this high school.
    Now, this was confusing. Star Crown was such a difficult school to get into, he's heard. Through procedures you HAD to also take an entrance exam to get into a particular high school. And the thing was that he enrolled in the high school he definitely took the exam for, and it was NOT Star Crown. Nor did he actually worked hard enough to be some sort of super-genius and deserved to be there. But this was a chance--if he got the scholarship there, he'd worry a lot less about a degree and be hired, likely because of this school. Tsubasa's parents, obviously, were much more delighted to support him in this decision and encouraged him to go--on a high note, he left for Asteri Island on March 29th.
    On April 1st, the day when schools across Japan start, his life as a 17-year old student starts.

    ...But since his stay at the high school, his life had started to change; Remnants, Starlings, his friends and disappearing ones--while his life had certainly gotten more interesting, it didn't mean it was in a good way. 

Bullet; Pink Q U O T E S :
"You messed up and you should feel bad."
"My GRANDMOTHER can slap this punker out of Japan with ONE ARM TIED BEHIND HER BACK!  GET UP, NOW!"
"Oh, did I stutter?"

Bullet; Pink R E L A T I O N S H I P S :
:bulletwhite: Ayane Sumiyoshi > Acquaintance, fellow Council member, VP of Newspaper Club
Apparently the now-assumed Vice President, after shoving the position of Newspaper Club President onto Saku.  Sakuraba doesn't think he's a bad guy at all, and he does have some respect from the Remnant 2 incident, but he still thinks this guy has a terrible personality and a twisted sense of morality.
Sometimes call each other 'Pinky' and 'Aya' respectively. 

:bulletwhite: Haru Ochida > Acquaintance/Sass Victim, somewhat of a boss figure (Council President)
Sakuraba gives this guy so much sass for so many reasons---and as a result, the two aren't nice to each other.  They don't talk much to each other often, either, so their relation is not clear.  (However, despite this, they seem to have a mutual understanding when their lives or pride is at stake.) 

:bulletwhite: Yukiko Kimiyama > Crush, fellow Newspaper Club member, kouhai
Ever since that night that he danced with this young student and went through some complications with teasing her and comforting her, and protecting her from Remnants, he started developing feelings for her--to the point that she's on his mind for most of the day he's at school.  The silver watch on his wrist is a present from her, which he takes care of carefully.

:bulletwhite: 'Yuri' > Interviewee
He had caught a glimpse of what might have been some side of heck when he mentioned Remnants....

:bulletwhite: His parents
They don't know anything about the incidents, until they found out about the burn scar on his cheek--and boy, were they mad...!  

:bulletwhite: His Starling
Often, his starling sort of calls Saku 'his own', and Saku calls him 'old fart'.  Endearingly.  They often toss insults at each other but they both know that they don't really mean it.
Bullet; Pink V O I C E : [ゆう十]…

Bullet; Pink E X T R A :

❧On his freetime, usually he's found browsing the internet, playing his guitar, looking at bookstores, or just dozing off.
❧He happens to enjoy online shopping
❧He doesn't like his birthday because in Japan, school starts on April 1st.
❧Sakuraba' means [cherry blossom garden] and 'Tsubasa' means [wings]
see what I did here
❧The silver wristwatch was a lovely birthday present from a beloved one <333
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